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Simeon Amburgey

  • The World Is Waiting To Hear Your Song: Each of us goes through many experiences in their lifetime. These experiences, friendships, relationships, etc. form the notes, melodies, rhymes and rhythms of our life songs. No two are alike and are never truly realized until they have been given a voice. In this workshop we will talk about some ways to bring your song to life and how to share it with the world using the tools you might already have available to you.

Hallee Bridgeman

  • Seven Steps to Successful Self Publishing: Hallee Bridgeman will go over the seven proven steps for successful self publishing — from covers to branding to where and when to publish what to how to market it all. Hallee is a bestselling Christian fiction author who currently has 18 books she has self published.
  • Writing Fiction with a Christian Worldview: We live in a fallen world filled with secular entertainment that entertains millions of fans a day. How can an author write with a Christian worldview, with true-to-life characters and still be relevant in today’s world? Join Hallee Bridgeman as she dissects how to reach a Christian market with real characters, inspiring stories, and entertaining plots without compromising Christian values.

Andrew Garland Breed

  • Writing devotions for The Upper Room: In this workshop, participants will learn about writing devotionals for The Upper Room daily devotional guide. Through group discussion and instruction from the Editorial Director Magazines for The Upper Room, we will explore what makes a strong devotional, how to turn personal experience into a devotional message, and learn about the unique, global ministry of The Upper Room.

Kathy Bruins

  • Ghostwriting/Collaborating for Success: Challenges arise when two people or more are working together on a writing project. Kathy Bruins teaches how to make the process run as smooth as possible. Ghostwriting/collaborating brings an author much satisfaction and success. Kathy serves many clients over the past 15 years. She enjoys helping clients fulfill their dream of telling their story, believing everyone has one to share.
  • Mind Mapping/The Writer’s Treasure Hunt: You’re exited about writing a book, script, or article. Suddenly you realize you have few ideas or an abundance of them. Mind-Mapping helps you brainstorm ideas and create an organized plan of action in the writing process to clearly define your writing project. Kathy Bruins leads this workshop helping writers “draw a map” to their writing treasure.

Ralene Burke

  • The 3 Ks of Social Media for Writers: There are 3 important ingredients for a writer to be successful in social media: know yourself, know your audience, and know your tools. Join Ralene as she discusses these ingredients and how they mix together to build a social media platform that outshines the competition. This class will cover the basics as well as some intermediate exploration.

Mike Burnett

  • Publishing your Book 101: In this session you’ll go from the basics of book layout and production to publishing. Some of the topics covered will be: Help Designing a Cover, Formatting and Copyediting your Book, Submitting a Good File, How and why to eBook. You’ll also get some advice on choosing a publishing partner (if you need one). This session will be casual and informative. You’ll leave with the entire presentation in hand and hopefully less questions than you started with.

Tracy Crump

  • Stirring the Pot: Writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Chicken Soup for the Soul receives thousands of submissions but selects only 101 for each book. How can you increase the chances they’ll choose your story? Come learn what Chicken Soup wants, what they don’t want, and how you can stir up a winning Chicken Soup story.
  • Writers’ Rights: First rights, reprint rights, one time rights. Rights, rights, rights! What does it all mean, and what if I do something wrong? Learn the difference between the rights you sell on your work and find out how to retain as many rights as possible.

 Donna Clark Goodrich

  • Critique Sessions – If you are interested in having your writing critiqued then bring a sample of your work with you and sign up for a one-on-one session with Donna. She will be offering critique services to conference attendees at no additional charge during this conference.
  • Where to Get Ideas – In her class “Where to Get Ideas,” Donna will show how ideas are everywhere. You can find them in such places as: newspapers, children’s activities and conversations, everyday events, God’s mysterious ways, an event from the past and, of course, the Bible.

Diana Derringer

  • Ten Writing Tips Tweaked for Teens: Do you want to write for youth but don’t know where to start? Diana Derringer begins with ten basic writing tips for all ages. She then tweaks them to uncover principles specifically for the teen market. Get out of your seat, tap into the fun side of your personality, and feel your creative juices flow with this workshop’s physical and mental exercises.

Lisa Greer

  • Speak Your Heart: Guide to Sharing Your Writing in a Public Forum: It’s one thing to write a book, or column in a newspaper, but then you have to market your work to generate sales. The two go hand in hand. No sales = more copies of leftover books in your office than you know what to do with. Speaking at events can be an intimidating experience, but yet necessary to get the word out on your writing talents. This workshop will show you how to ease into speaking and grow that area of your writing business with eloquence.

Julie Gwinn

  • Establishing Your Author Brand: Establishing an author brand is an essential first step in developing your marketing strategy and platform. This workshop will help you identify your unique brand and give you tools to stand out in the crowd as you move forward as a published author.

Carlton Hughes

  • So You’re a Newbie: A Primer for First Time Attendees: Are you wondering what in the world you do at a writer’s conference?  Do you have a fear of editors? Conference veteran Carlton Hughes will provide advice for first time attendees: Getting the most out of conference sessions, practicing editor etiquette (how to talk to editors, do’s and don’ts) Promoting your work, developing relationships, and more. Join us for a fun, fast-paced primer.
  • The Hero’s Journey (tentative): What do The Wizard of Oz and countless novels and other movies have in common? They follow a classic plotting device called the “Hero’s Journey.” Learn how to plot your story using this popular technique.

Sherry Logsdon

  • Realistic Fiction: Researching Your Novel: Forget everything you remember about research. What it isn’t. Research isn’t only for reference pages, footnotes, and bibliographies. Research isn’t only for nonfiction. Bring your novel to life through research. Research that is fun and exciting, giving much needed depth and detail to your writing. You will create real life settings and characters in which people will not only learn to love your characters but the lives they are living. There will be handouts, including character sheets.

Additional Faculty Workshops to be added as they are confirmed, please continue to monitor this site.