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Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in 2016 Conference, Faculty |

2016 Faculty Spotlight 2: Simeon Amburgey

2016 Faculty Spotlight 2: Simeon Amburgey

If you have attended KCWC in the past, you have probably heard our next Faculty Spotlight lead worship. Read on to see what else he does!

simeonSimeon Amburgey, has served the Lord through music for over 26 years. His ministry focuses on providing resources to churches and individuals who desire to develop their music ministries. He does this by providing arranging and recording services, hosting a music library with nearly 800 titles, offering Praise Tracks, custom arrangements, conducting praise and worship concerts and music consulting and mentoring. Simeon also serves as accompanist for Larnelle Harris. To learn more about Simeon and his musical services go to Sound Creations, Inc.


The World Is Waiting To Hear Your Song: Each of us goes through many experiences in their lifetime. These experiences, friendships, relationships, etc. form the notes, melodies, rhymes, and rhythms of our life songs. No two are alike and are never truly realized until they have been given a voice. In this workshop we will talk about some ways to bring your song to life and how to share it with the world using the tools you might already have available to you.