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Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in 2016 Conference, Faculty |

2016 Faculty Spotlight 3: Mike Burnett

2016 Faculty Spotlight 3: Mike Burnett


Looking for help with printing, e-publishing, etc.? Mike is your guy!

Mike Burnett, started in the printing business in 1983 selling equipment. From marketing the equipment to produce print, he eventually moved into printing directly. Currently, he is the C.O.O. of Dockins Graphics Inc. and Director of Printing for Pathway Press. The umbrella of companies under Dockins include two self-publishing companies, Derek Press (a religious self-publishing mark) and Penman Publishers (a non-religious self-publishing mark) as well as two printing companies.


  • eBook, Print, or Both? In this session we will discuss should you be printing at all any more or just selling through eBook channels. We’ll talk about costs of each, differences in formatting and layout for each avenue. You’ll leave with a copy of the presentation and some new ideas.
  • Publishing 101: In this workshop we’ll discuss nuts and bolts of setting up your book. Format, Flow, Editing and typical publishing styles. We’ll also talk about the state of the publishing industry and how that may impact how you present your new creation. You’ll leave with a copy of the presentation and checklists on formatting and style.