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Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in 2017 Conference, Faculty |

Faculty Spotlight: Cyle Young

Cyle Young is a multiple award-winning author and literary agent who has two master’s degrees from Liberty Theological Seminary. His Selah Award Finalist book, Belly Buttons and Broken Hearts, will delight your heart and split your belly with laughter.

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  • What is a Platform and How to Make it: In this class, participants discover what a platform is, and actually begin to develop one. They will be given the chance to become Staff Writers for or Sessions will equip the writer to create content and load posts. Walkthroughs and tutorials will be provided to help class participant’s structure posts, create user profiles, login to the site, set up images and SEO, and many more.
  • Discovering Everyday Devotions: Devotions don’t have to be super-serious or so chock full of scripture that there’s no room for a personal story. Jesus himself utilized scripture based stories and parables to launch a movement that changed the face of the world. You can too! In this class, you will learn how to recognize the teachable moments in your everyday life, and use those moments and stories to create riveting devotions that will capture the readers thoughts and direct the readers heart to Christ.