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Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in 2017 Conference, Faculty |

Faculty Spotlight: Greg Turnquist

By day, Greg slings code as a software geek, having published four tech books and a video. But at night, he transitions to the world of DARKLIGHT, the spec fiction story about a street thief in a medieval future that has joined a resistance against its despotic ruler. 



  • Scrivener 101: Did you know Scrivener is one of the most popular writing tools out there? In this workshop, learn how to organize chapters and scenes, how to work in a distraction free mode, and crank out both e-book and print versions of your book with professional grade style.
  • Writing a Proposal & Querying (BY Sara and Greg Turnquist): One of the toughest things you will have to do for your manuscript is to boil it into a couple of paragraphs. Those few precious sentences will be what sells it to an agent/publisher. Yes, the query. Or maybe the agent/publisher wants even more…the dreaded proposal. This workshop is all about the do’s and don’t’s of effective query/proposal writing. Learn tips and tricks that will get you started and help you with this (sometimes painful) process.
  • Building a Blog/Website: In this day and age, many are using a blog/website as the basis of their platform. In this workshop, learn the basics in setting up a WordPress blog and how to tie it into your social media channels.