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Posted by on Feb 2, 2018 in 2018 Conference | 1 comment

Hone Your Writing? Start Blogging

Three years ago, while attending KCWC, I was encouraged to begin writing a blog. Since then, I have consistently sent out a blog every Thursday morning.

What are the first steps? Decide on an area that interests you. Choose one in which you have an amount of expertise. I recommend setting it up on WordPress.

Explore a theme title that would capture the essence of your blog. If it deals with the subject of your book or a proposed book, all the better. No book? Look at it as valuable writing practice and a way to establish your platform.

Determine how often you will send a blog. Consistency reigns supreme! If you don’t feel you can flip one out every week, then make it every other week, or once a month, but once you decide, stick with it.

How many words are reasonable for you? Mine are about 500 words. Too much for you? No problem. Many readers want it short and sweet. 250 to 400 would be fine. Again, be consistent so your readers know what to expect.

Have plenty of white space in the body—in other words, short paragraphs. A catchy title is helpful.

Readers love pictures! Go to to download free photos and drawings. They have oodles. Don’t worry about pictures though, that can come later.

You don’t know how to set up everything? Boy, do I understand that problem! Find a blogging friend to help you with set up and to learn your way around the page, as well as how to schedule the time and date for your blog to be sent.

Getting your work out to potential readers is a first step in marketing, but I have found another plus with regular blogging. It helps me as a writer to practice my skills. I write my blog one day and edit the following days. I always find mistakes or a better way to say a phrase. Sometimes I decide to put a whole sentence in another place. By Wednesday, it’s where I want it to be and ready to be scheduled for Thursday.

Think about blogging; it will do wonders for your writing!

–By Joyce Cordell

KCWC Planning Committee

See Joyce’s books and blog at

1 Comment

  1. Thank you Joyce for a very nice outline on blogging. I am in the process of starting a creative writing group here at first Baptist Shelbyville. The group has met Only once. We are meeting bi-monthly. The group is part of an affinity ministry through the Boomer program that was started three years ago