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When He Calls with H. Michael Brewer

In the quiet of the night, away from the usual voices of his teacher and the others who came in and out, he heard his name.

It was a clear call, just a few syllables, but it snapped him from sleep – not once, not twice, but three times. Each time, he thought it was his teacher calling, so he ran to his teacher and responded. His teacher, wise in certain ways, said three times, “I did not call you.” With the final awakening, the teacher said, “Maybe it is the Lord.”

And so it was.

The Lord had a mission for the man-child Samuel, whose teacher was Eli, a priest.  The entire story is found in I Samuel 3. The Jewish historian, Josephus, records that Samuel was but eleven years old when the Lord called his name. Normal eleven year olds have a tendency to sleep right through a herd of horses riding through the living room, but this young man in training was anything but normal.

Much like writers seem to be anything but normal.

“Calling is a complicated thing and sometimes it feels very supernatural and sometimes it’s as simple as what are you interested in? What grabs you? I think that counts as a calling,” says H. Michael Brewer, 2018 Kentucky Christian Writers Conference Keynote Speaker. “If there is something nibbling at you, something you’d like to learn more about, something that intrigues you, I think that can be the early stages of a calling.”

Brewer knows a little bit about calling. With a stack of books that bear his name, he has answered the call to write repeatedly throughout the years.  But writing, he knows, is not his only calling. He is a husband, a father, a pastor, an instructor at Northern Kentucky University, and a friend.

“I write around the edges. I binge write. I would like to say that I get up at four every morning so that I could write for three hours before I go to the office, but that’s a big lie,” Brewer’s laugh fills the room. “But the thing about me is that I love it so much that I keep coming back to it. I keep my laptop with me. I am drawn back over and over again. So even thought I am undisciplined, it is something that I never get away from very much or very far.”

If you are reading this, perhaps you feel the same way. You carry a full-time job, or your primary role is caring for the children God has entrusted to you, or you are in the season of life where other responsibilities must take first chair. However, the call to write is still there, waiting on the edges, patient yet insistent, rolling the syllables of your name into your ears with small, loving sounds.

This can be the year that you answer. This can be the year that you find your balance, gather your words, dance a little on the page for the glory of God, our Father. Brewer says that he believes we praise our creator when we explore and celebrate the world He has created.

Come, praise with us June 21-23, 2018 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

–By Kristy Horine

KCWC Planning Committee