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Posted by on May 11, 2018 in 2018 Conference |

Blog for Results

Blog for Results

I’ve been blogging for twelve years. . I hope the folks who read and follow my blog reap something good into their lives.

Here are some things I’ve learned from other bloggers and I try to keep in mind with my own blog. If they are helpful to you please leave a comment HERE, on FaceBook at and on my blog  ON MY SHELF.

  • STAY FOCUSED – Don’t wander. Don’t tell us about your dentist appointment. Choose a focus for your blog and stick with it with rare exceptions (maybe holidays). If you blog about writing, stick to writing topics. If you blog about gardening or the Twelve Disciples or astronomy, stick to that topic.
  • THINK ABOUT YOUR READERS – Are you writing to parents of young children? Other writers? High school teachers? Quilters? Fly fishermen? Think about that group of people as you create posts. Imagine them sitting at their computers reading your stuff.
  • USE PHOTOS – take your own photos or go to a site like Creative Commons or Morgue File to use free photographs. DO NOT borrow images from other blogs or Google or Yahoo or whomever. Copyright laws do apply to your blog. Give attribution to the source. If you review books you CAN use the book covers for that purpose.
  • KEEP IT SHORT – Shoot for no more than 400 words per post. If you’re approaching 500 ask yourself if this post can be divided into two parts and expanded a little. This encourages readers to come back to your blog. This post has 410 words.
  • CONNECT TO SOCIAL MEDIA – set up your blog posts to automatically post to whichever social media sites you frequent.
  • BE CONSISTENT – decide how frequently you will post and when, then stick with it. If you want to post every Wednesday then be sure to post EVERY Wednesday. Most blogging software allows you to schedule posts in advance.
  • PRAY – Pray for your words to point people to Christ. Pray for your technology. Pray for your ability as a writer. Pray for your readers to see God on the pages of your blog.
  • USE A SIMPLE FONT –Use a common, readable font like Times New Roman or Calibri, and make it large enough that people can read it easily. Eye strain = move on to the next blog.

Enjoy blogging. If you absolutely dread it, then it isn’t for you. But it’s an excellent way to practice writing frequently, and writing tight.

–By Jean Hall

KCWC Planning Committee